Refinance Now, Why?

Anyone who plans on refinancing a home should look into doing it before December 2020. Why?

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The Federal Housing Finance Agency is imposing a 0.5% refinancing fee that kicks in December 1, 2020.

Mortgage refinance rates are at historic lows right now. It may seem like a good time to refinance your home, but do you need to rush?

Nope. Why?

The Federal Housing Finance Agency has given Americans a reason to consider refinancing sooner rather than later: Starting December 1, you'll pay a 0.5% refinancing fee. The good news, we are covering it for you.

Yes, we only charge flat fee of $1500 and let the lender takes care of any additional fees such as the above!

You can get 50% off the $1500 flat fee we charge. How?

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